Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Type-as-you-go Ajax People Search Web Part using SharePoint 2007 Search Services - Part II

After prototyped and compared both solutions, I found that Content Editor Web Part(CEWP) + Javascript seems more suitable for our needs. It's not only more lightweight, interactive and flexible, but also less administration overhead. The product looks like this:

Here is the design diagram:

Pure Javascript and HTML stuff wrapped in a SharePoint CEWP. The core component here is MyXslt transformer, a small Javascript library I released to transform the search service result (XML) into HTML elements. Below is a list of libraries I used:

Javascript libraries

MyXsltXSLT transformer that transforms the search service result XML directly into HTML elements
jQuery UIUI for dialogs
QTipjQuery plugin for tip style people's details
HighlightjQuery plugin for keyword highlighting
MyImgScalejQuery plugin for Image scaling

The solution layout (for commercial reasons, the full source code is not published at this stage):
    |   +---cewp
    |   +---release
    |   +---standalone
    |   +---unitTest
    |   \---_layouts
    |       \---1033
    |           +---images
    |           +---js
    |           +---styles
    |           \---xslt

Another thing worth mention is that the load testing results (see above, using Visual Studio 2010's built-in load testing tool) showed the application was very responsive too.

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