Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MyXslt v0.2 released

In my previous blog, I provided a temporary fix for jQuery XSLT plugin. However, it is neither complete nor correct due to the plugin's lacking of callback interface during its asynchronous XSLT processing. From David Flanagan's excellent book "JavaScript: The Definitive Guide (5th Edition)", I found a pure Javascript solution and decided to enhance it to suit my needs.

The potential usage of this small Javascript library is calling any web services that return XML then transforming it directly to HTML elements by XSLT. In my case, I created a customized People Search web part in SharePoint 2007 as a replacement for the built-in one, and made complicated search easier, more flexible and interactive. This web part doesn't need any server side programming as it's pure HTML + Javascript contained in SharePoint's provided Content Editor Web Part. For more information about this web part, please stay tuned.

More information here, downloads and source code.

1 comment:

John P. McCaskey said...

Thanks for posting this!

Could you post a use-case or two to help us JavaScript-challenged HTMLers?

Should Xml.transform() go in an onLoad()? maybe use getelementbyid() to identify an element?

Could you include a case where there are multiple iframe elements on a page, each getting the results of a different transform?